With Medica's Revenue Cycle Management services, we handle the ins and outs of your billing structure so you can focus on patient care.

Our high performance measures encompass all of your billing needs helping you set fees, gather information, collect revenue, and file claims so you can build better, more manageable revenue streams.

Medica has two options for clients to choose from: Standard RCM Service or RCM Service with EHR. 

RCM Service With EHR

Your world has been drastically changed by digital technology. Our fully integrated EHR package places patient’s charges in the hands of staff before the provider leaves the room. With our Complete EHR Package, you get all the advantages of our Standard RCM Service, plus incredible new technology that will revolutionize the way your practice performs.

With Medica integrated onto a tablet or laptop in the treatment area you’ll see instant results. Did we mention EHR perfectly compliments our billing component? It does. From scheduling the initial evaluation to discharge, our EHR will enhance your productivity, providing necessary information whenever and wherever it’s needed, so you can make better decisions and provide more coordinated care.

Our competitors don’t compare when it comes to our high performance standards. The bottom line? We pride ourselves on securing client revenue, so you can be confident when you’re with us.

Statistical analysis supports our results-oriented system, an intuitive software solution that combines decades of billing experience.

We do it right because each client’s data-driven RCM-EMR is customized through our modifiable software. That means you’re maximizing collections and keeping your company’s revenue stream both streamlined and secure.


Standard RCM Service

Medica is full-service. Take comfort in knowing all our billing solutions include everything you need in a partner to properly manage your accounts. Looking for something not listed here? It's probably included, too. Contact us to inquire.

Data Entry

We consider ourselves expert information gatherers. Each day, demographics, charges and any changes to current accounts are entered into our system.

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Claims Submission

We send most claims electronically within 48 hours. The only time we send a paper claim is when a carrier doesn't accept electronic data or if additional information is needed to adjudicate the claim.

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Patient Statements

Each month your patient statements are mailed out by Medica. We not only handle the statements, our support team is always available to answer any billing-related questions whether for you or your patients.

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All payments are sent to Medica Billing Solutions directly from your office. We review payments within 48 hours against your clinic fee schedule to verify accurate reimbursement.

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Appeals are handled upon receipt. Once an issue for denial or improper payment is determined to be appropriate, we take actions to get those claims resolved accurately and quickly.

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AR Follow-Up

We help get claims paid. Medica reports monthly on the status of each account with a balance past 30 days. We provide a spreadsheet containing detailed information on what work we have completed toward keeping your revenue stream healthy.

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